3 Cryptocurrencies with potential to replace Bitcoin

 article about which crypto will replace bitcoin
While Bitcoin continues to be the world's biggest and most popular cryptocurrency, and maybe that won't change any time soon, there might be three cryptocoins that have the potential to replace Bitcoin. They are Iota, Elastos, and Skycoin.

Why might they be the coins on the future? The main reason is that their tech might be way better. The platforms of these coins have zero fees, instant transactions, their energy usage is nothing compared to Bitcoin, and their scalability is kind of infinite.

Skycoin is currently still with a very small market cap of around $300 mil, same goes for Elastos. Iota is already worth around $5 billion.

In addition to those three, also Elix and Enj might have some potential. Elix is a lending platform and Enj a gaming coin.

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which crypto will replace bitcoin

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