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Hyip or high-yield investment program in general is an investment scheme which offers high returns on your investment, but which can afford to pay the high return to existing members only with the new money invested by new investors. As such, even assuming the hyip wasn't created just with the idea of collecting a lot of money and then run with it right away, there will always be a lot of people losing all or almost all of their money.

Can hyip program earn you a lot?
There are many people, besides the owners ... continue reading
Previously we looked at Japanese Candlesticks reversal patterns as well as introduction to Japanese Candlesticks in general. Now let's take a look at some continuation patterns, as even those can be used to make money.

Upside & Downside Tasuki Gap
You can see that if you spot a gap between two candlesticks with the same color (in the direction of the trend). The third candlestick then opens WITHIN the second body and closes WITHIN the gap.

Side by side white lines
Bullish continuation pattern consists... continue reading
Previously we looked into how different candlesticks might look. Now, as we all know, or should know, the best time to buy cryptocurrency is just after a trend reversal. But how to spot potential trend reversal indications on a candlestick chart? That's where candlestick patterns come into play. Candlestick reversal patterns can consist of just one candlestick or up to six candlesticks.

Hammer and Hanging Man patterns
Hammer is a pattern with a small body, no upper shadow but long lower shadow, and occurs in a ... continue reading
A candlestick chart looks a bit different from a normal chart with just a line with opening or closing prices on it. And compared to a usual high-low chart Japanese Candlesticks chart can make it easier to see certain patterns in the market and see data relationships.

Learn the understand Japanese Candlesticks and how to trade with them

Here's how general Japanese candlesticks look like:

So a candlestick is a box, either filled with color, or empty. Filled box means the open price was higher than the ... continue reading
Assuming you've installed Metatrader and signed up a demo account with some trading company that supports Metatrader, which indicators should you start testing? And how to use those indicators for trading cryptocurrencies? Or should you be using any indicators at all?

Obviously, in general, it's all up to you. Indicators are in essence manipulations of price or volume data and not necessary for profitable trading, but sometimes they can make things easier, and make the chart easier to read sometimes.

It has ... continue reading
There are different kinds of automated crypto trading bots out there. In this post I'll mainly talk not about the bots which simply trade your crypto based on certain trading signals, but bots that are mainly hyip. And before going on - at least 99% of those bots are scam. But some of them might actually work, or well, at least it used to, like iCenter bots.

These owners of these bots allegedly actually trade with your money to give you the 1.2 - 5% daily return (capital included). One of them has been around f... continue reading
I'm using a crypto trading bot, quite risky business, to try to earn some "easy" money (read:it's never easy, and full of risks), and I was talking to some other members there about what makes sense and what not. Not unexpectedly there's a number of people there that doesn't seem to understand the difference between investment, reinvestment via compounding, etc, or simple percentage calculations. And then someone asked me that if I know it all, why am I investing in the bot not trading myself in hopes to earn aroun... continue reading
Now that you have hopefully set up your Angular on your computer, open up Visual Studio Code (or some other editor) and open the project folder. You will usually only working within the /src/ subfolder.

Let's get started
Opened up your project folder, click on the file /src/app/app.component.ts. This is an Angular component.

What are components in Angular? Angular components are the building blocks of your app, the located in the /src/app folder. The component defines all the needed imports for your componen... continue reading
Angular at first glance, even if you know a web development language like PHP before, looks extremely confusion. I'm talking about my own experience. I went through a short course and, I couldn't say if it's the course, or if it was just me, but it looked confusing as hell. And when you're taking the very first steps, it can look as if everything needs to be done in as complicated manner as possible. Imagine you're told to paint the garden, but the first steps are to invent a sawmill, configure it, find where you c... continue reading

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