Important things to keep in mind when investing in hyips

 article about Important things to keep in mind when investing in hyips
2018-10-28 01:54:21
Hyip or high-yield investment program in general is an investment scheme which offers high returns on your investment, but which can afford to pay the high return to existing members only with the new money invested by new investors. As such, even assuming the hyip wasn't created just with the idea of collecting a lot of money and then run with it right away, there will always be a lot of people losing all or almost all of their money.

Can hyip program earn you a lot?

There are many people, besides the owners of the hyip programs, who are making consistent money with legit hyip programs (well, as legit as an hyip can be). As long as you choose the right hyip (meaning, it hasn't been created just to take your money and run), as long as you get in early enough, and as long as the program gets enough new money coming in, hyip can earn you money. But as far as investments go, it's a VERY risky way of making money. It could be compared to playing slots - you can make a lot of money, but you may lose it all as well. Here's an hyip profit calculator for you. But use it wisely - ALWAYS keep in mind that while hyip can earn you money, it's not an investment, it's more of a gamble.

One or multiple hyips?

If you have actually decided to gamble your money on hyip programs, based on the risk involved, and considering that even after reading a lot of hyip reviews to find the most legit hyips to invest in, you can actually never be sure how long they will last. So if you have decided to try make money with hyip programs, it's a good idea to join multiple different hyip programs instead of just one. Just to diversify and lower the risk of losing all of your money at once. So even if one program will go bust soon, you still have the others.

Who is hyip meant for?

While hyips tend to be most attractive to people who have no money, or have just a little, these are the people who should NEVER invest in hyips. Why? Because you should NEVER invest any money that you can't afford to lose. And that doesn't apply just to hyips, the same goes for trading forex or playing poker or even investing in stocks. While it's strange, or unfair, only people who already have money that they can afford to lose COULD (not should) try putting their money in hyips in hopes of multiplying it. You should NEVER put any money in it that you would actually need for living or whatever else.

I remember someone asking in one hyip telegram group, if he should sell his house and invest the money in the hyip program. He was talking about roughly $50 000. The hyip program in question had been running successfully for 6 months already, so it seemed like a safe bet. I don't know if he actually did it or not, hopefully not, but the hyip went bust less than a month later.

So once again, NEVER put any money in the hyip programs that actually matters to you. Don't bet your house, your tuition, your medical expense money, your food money, your beer money, or anything else that you shouldn't and couldn't lose.

Don't let greed get the best of you

Fear and greed are the main forces that move the market - stock market, foreign exchange market, and everything else. When it comes to hyips, the main thing here is greed. So IF you do decide to invest in hyips, don't be greedy. Many such programs offer you returns from 1.2 percent for 120 days to 10 percent for 15 days. The higher the promised earning percentage, the higher the risk. People investing in hyips tend to reinvest their profits in hopes for even higher profit. However, the only smart thing to do here is to avoid reinvesting anything until you have managed to get your seed money out. So that ideally, once the program does go bust, you will only lose your profits, not your initial capital. Most people, however, decide that earning 20% from their money in a month is not enough and want to go for doubling or tripling their money instead, and often end up losing it all.

How much money should you invest in an hyip program?

The amount obviously depends on you and you alone. But as mentioned, you should NEVER invest any money that you actually need for anything else. Investing money that you can't afford to lose is really, really stupid, with any kind of investment, but especially with hyips.

Instead of gambling your money with bitcoin hyips, you could opt for learning to trade and open an account with a forex broker instead. Although, that involves a lot of risk as well.

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