Compound return calculator

This daily compound interest calculator that I tried to keep as simple interest calculator as possible, shows you the power of compounding.

This can be used for different hyip program profit calculations.

Your deposit amount
Investment lifespan (in days)
Min reinvestment
Min time between reinvestments (in hours)
Interest % per day (incl. initial capital)
Reinvestment interest %
Total days of compounding
Number of times to withdraw (random days, same amounts as reinvestments)
Note that currently this compound interest calculator assumes that you never make any additional deposits. Some of these features can be expected at some point in the near future.

Here's the link for iCenter Compound return calculator with their bot values already inserted and here's also a TradeWings interest calculator and Arbitrage compound interest calculator.

Before you decide to invest in hyip programs, think hard, should you invest in hyips at all?

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