iCenter Compound return calculator

This is a simple daily compound interest calculator that can be used to calculate potential compounded interest on iCenter. You can change the values so they would be exactly according to your bots specs.

Your deposit amount
Investment lifespan (in days)
Min reinvestment
Min time between reinvestments (in hours)
Interest % per day (incl. initial capital)
Reinvestment interest %
Total days of compounding
Number of times to withdraw (random days, same amounts as reinvestments)
Note that currently this compound interest calculator assumes that you never make any additional deposits.

UPDATE: You can now set different percentage for reinvestments, so you can test with different reinvestment sizes and percentages, and see which one might be the best in short, or long term.

UPDATE 2: You can now set select number of withdrawal days as well. Note that if your investment amount is small, reinvestments/withdrawals are not possible every day, the withdrawal calculator feature might not work exactly right.

Is iCenter legit?

iCenter worked for over a year, which was a good sign. But eventually it went bust.

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