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Bitcoin came out almost exactly 10 years ago. While the name of the inventor is still unknown, although the inventor or inventors are using the name Satoshi Nakamoto, it has gained popularity ever since. With its ups and downs Bitcoin has always been very volatile, with price rises or drops of 40 or more percent a day not very uncommon.

So far the highest price of Bitcoin was on December 17, 2018, when it reached $19,783.06. At the time of writing this article the price is at $3,958.95 and it has been between $3... continue reading
Important notice: This bot isn't working anymore.

Different crypto bots come and go all the time - but which ones are working now and actually paying out? At the time of updating this article (Dec 26, 2018) there WAS just one bot that's been paying out consistently (but this one IS NOT working anymore) - Arbitrage.

The bots I am talking about here are telegram bitcoin bots which can be used to earn compound interest on your small deposits. The interest can be anywhere from 1 % a day to 15 % a day. Of course, ... continue reading
I'm using a crypto trading bot, quite risky business, to try to earn some "easy" money (read:it's never easy, and full of risks), and I was talking to some other members there about what makes sense and what not. Not unexpectedly there's a number of people there that doesn't seem to understand the difference between investment, reinvestment via compounding, etc, or simple percentage calculations. And then someone asked me that if I know it all, why am I investing in the bot not trading myself in hopes to earn aroun... continue reading
Mining Bitcoin earned people a lot of money some years ago. These days not so much, at least for now. For mining activities special hardware has been created that is more powerful and is able to mine more. ASIC microschips are probably at least 100x better at mining bitcoin than any of the other GPUs. Additionally you also need cheap electricity.

In general, it's not a good idea to try mining Bitcoin with your regular laptop without an ASIC chip because your laptop is definitely underpowered. There are many peop... continue reading
We have talked a bit about Bitcoin ETFs and how they could push up the price of Bitcoin, but there's a hidden danger in thinking about it like that. While it is true that Bitcoin ETFs might push Bitcoin price up a lot, talking about it and hoping for it might have a totally opposite result, at least short term.

The market makers have done a good job trying to convince everyone that Bitcoin ETFs are a must for crypto growth. In reality, crypto has been doing good without the ETFs until now, and the reason why it ... continue reading
The price of Bitcoin is extremely volatile. Just two days ago in gained around 10% in value. Compared to December 2017 the price is still more than $10k lower. But where will Bitcoin be by end of 2018? There are many predictions by a number of "experts".

First of all, the main thing that is being estimated is that the price will grow instead of going down. The lowest prediction is around $3400 (meaning Bitcoin would have to lose around half of its current value), but that's unlikely to happen if we take account... continue reading
Should you be investing in Bitcoin now? The answer is probably yes. While all cryptocurrencies are very volatile and truth be told, anything can happen, there's a good chance Bitcoin is now going to start gaining in value again.

Potential to grow
Most of the time, while Bitcoin can lose 2x the value it has overnight, its value can go up in a short time frame, think of a few months, 100 times. And that's based on experience. While right now there are estimations that the price of Bitcoin could go up to 25k or 50... continue reading
If you're into crypto and interested in bitcoin gambling, independent of the fact that cryptocurrency market is probably the most volatile one of all even without gambling, the best bitcoin gambling sites will give you everything you need. If you want to start online gambling with bitcoin, it's no different from gambling with any other currency, you just need to have a cryptocurrency wallet to deposit with. It would also be a smart idea to buy your bitcoin when the market is down, and withdraw your bitcoin gambling... continue reading
While the crypto market is full of bears and the market is at its lowest since around April, there are lots of worried people in the market who are still holding on to it in hopes it will soon start climbing again. The public interest towards crypto is probably the lowest it's been since September. Which means that there's a reason to worry, but it also means it's a good time to invest in crypto market.

When it comes to financial markets, Warren Buffet has said that you should be "Fearful when others are greedy ... continue reading
While Bitcoin continues to be the world's biggest and most popular cryptocurrency, and maybe that won't change any time soon, there might be three cryptocoins that have the potential to replace Bitcoin. They are Iota, Skycoin.

Why might they be the coins on the future? The main reason is that their tech might be way better. The platforms of these coins have zero fees, instant transactions, their energy usage is nothing compared to Bitcoin, and their scalability is kind of infinite.

Skycoin is currently still... continue reading
IMPORTANT STATUS UPDATE: Don't invest anything here (CryptoTrading bot), this bot is gone.

PS: If you want to know how much you could earn, use our compound return calculator.

There are a lot of different cryptocurrency trading bots out there, one promising better returns than the other, but whether any of them are legit and offer real returns instead of scamming you out of your money, it's often way too difficult to figure out without testing it yourself.

According to a good friend of mine, roughly 99... continue reading
You wouldn't actually have to have been living under a rock not to understand what it is, but chances are that you have at least heard the name. Bitcoin was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto who described the cryptocurrency as a A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. It's a completely digital money, and being the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network powered by its users with no middlemen or central authority, it's still the biggest cryptocurrency in the world.

All payments in Bitcoin are handled by users ... continue reading
It's an old news but still worth thinking about. Back in 2010 a Florida programmer Laszlo Hanyecz managed to talk someone in Domino's pizza into selling two pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoins he had mined. Today these could be considered the world's most expensive pizzas worth around $87 million. During the pizza buy the Bitcoins were worth $41. Now May 22 has been named Bitcoin Pizza Day to commemorate the transaction.

When Laszlo's pizza buy was worth "just" $7 million, he said to New York times that "It wasn't like B... continue reading

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