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 article about where will bitcoin price be in the end of 2018
The price of Bitcoin is extremely volatile. Just two days ago in gained around 10% in value. Compared to December 2017 the price is still more than $10k lower. But where will Bitcoin be by end of 2018? There are many predictions by a number of "experts".

First of all, the main thing that is being estimated is that the price will grow instead of going down. The lowest prediction is around $3400 (meaning Bitcoin would have to lose around half of its current value), but that's unlikely to happen if we take account the average cost of mining one Bitcoin, which is around $6000. So everyone involved are very interested in keeping the price above the 6000 line.

The average end of year prediction right now is around $22 000, mainly ranging from $16 000 to $28 000.

If you're one of the people who thinks Bitcoin price will fall a lot instead of going up, you might want to read Bitcoin obituaries and discover there's at least 300 of them already. None of them have been right. So far.

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