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2018-08-29 01:36:51
I'm using a crypto trading bot, quite risky business, to try to earn some "easy" money (read:it's never easy, and full of risks), and I was talking to some other members there about what makes sense and what not. Not unexpectedly there's a number of people there that doesn't seem to understand the difference between investment, reinvestment via compounding, etc, or simple percentage calculations. And then someone asked me that if I know it all, why am I investing in the bot not trading myself in hopes to earn around 1 percent a day.

He asked "ok then simple question for you ...why did you invest in bot instead doing it by yourself?"

Fair question, and I answered him that "For the same reason I'd prefer a professional cook to make me a Panang - I might know the way to cook it, I might know all the right ingredients, but my food still looks and tastes nothing like the one of a professional cook."

And that's all true. But it did make me think a bit, although based on how much (read: how little) discipline I have, it might not be a good idea. At the same time, I have learned about technical analysis in the past and I'm not 100% dummy when it comes to trading (read:just 99%). Then again, many people have, yet more than 90% of them still lose money while trading.

But I decided to give it a try anyway, I registered a demo account (so free, no strings attached) with Evolve just so I could use Metatrader 4 or 5 for trading. If you decide to do it as well - you can find the crypto currencies inside the Market Watch window of Metatrader, after you click Show All. That's assuming you have already registered an account with Evolve (or some other trading company that supports cryptocurrency trading as well) and logged in to Metatrader.

And now I'm refreshing my memory on Japanese Candlesticks, trading indicators, etc. Will be introducing them here as well in my next posts.

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learning to trade cryptocurrencies

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