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Free spins offers that are totally worth it
Free spins are offered by the casinos to attract new players to join their platform, or to re-activate already existing players. However, all free spins are not created equal. Their real value depends on the casino and the specific casino bonus offer. Let's start with the positive, great casino free spins offers that a... continue reading
What can you do with Bitcoin today?
Bitcoin came out almost exactly 10 years ago. While the name of the inventor is still unknown, although the inventor or inventors are using the name Satoshi Nakamoto, it has gained popularity ever since. With its ups and downs Bitcoin has always been very volatile, with price rises or drops of 40 or more percent a day ... continue reading
Related currency pairs - correlations between currency pairs
When trading forex, you will notice that some currency pairs seem to move in the same direction at the same time. Which means that those currency pairs are related to each other. Sometimes when you see one of the related pairs move and the other not (yet), there might be a good time to trade. Which of the pairs you wil... continue reading
Related currency pairs - correlations between currency pairs
When trading forex, you will notice that some currency pairs seem to move in the same direction at the same time. Which means that those currency pairs are related to each other. Sometimes when you see one of the related pairs move and the other not (yet), there might be a good time to trade. Which of the pairs you wil... continue reading
What is the best anonymous forex and crypto trading platform?
While many people are trying to find the easy money on the floor by testing their luck investing / gambling their capital in different paying telegram crypto bots and earning via the power of compounding, for others of us the safer way to make money is to actually learn to trade ourselves.

If you're impatient and wa... continue reading
Learn to trade with Japanese Candlesticks - Continuation Patterns
Previously we looked at Japanese Candlesticks reversal patterns as well as introduction to Japanese Candlesticks in general. Now let's take a look at some continuation patterns, as even those can be used to make money.

Upside & Downside Tasuki Gap
You can see that if you spot a gap between two candlesticks with th... continue reading
Learn to trade with Japanese candlesticks - trend reversal patterns
Previously we looked into how different candlesticks might look. Now, as we all know, or should know, the best time to buy cryptocurrency is just after a trend reversal. But how to spot potential trend reversal indications on a candlestick chart? That's where candlestick patterns come into play. Candlestick reversal pa... continue reading
Trading cryptocurrencies - introduction to Japanese candlesticks
A candlestick chart looks a bit different from a normal chart with just a line with opening or closing prices on it. And compared to a usual high-low chart Japanese Candlesticks chart can make it easier to see certain patterns in the market and see data relationships.

Learn the understand Japanese Candlesticks and ... continue reading
Good Indicators for trading crypto currencies
Assuming you've installed Metatrader and signed up a demo account with some trading company that supports Metatrader, which indicators should you start testing? And how to use those indicators for trading cryptocurrencies? Or should you be using any indicators at all?

Obviously, in general, it's all up to you. Indi... continue reading
Let's talk about automated trading bots and compounding
There are different kinds of automated crypto trading bots out there. In this post I'll mainly talk not about the bots which simply trade your crypto based on certain trading signals, but bots that are mainly hyip. And before going on - at least 99% of those bots are scam. But some of them might actually work, or well,... continue reading
Learn to trade cryptocurrencies
I'm using a crypto trading bot, quite risky business, to try to earn some "easy" money (read:it's never easy, and full of risks), and I was talking to some other members there about what makes sense and what not. Not unexpectedly there's a number of people there that doesn't seem to understand the difference between in... continue reading
Is it worth mining Bitcoin on your laptop?
Mining Bitcoin earned people a lot of money some years ago. These days not so much, at least for now. For mining activities special hardware has been created that is more powerful and is able to mine more. ASIC microschips are probably at least 100x better at mining bitcoin than any of the other GPUs. Additionally you ... continue reading
Good Reasons To Buy Bitcoin Now
Should you be investing in Bitcoin now? The answer is probably yes. While all cryptocurrencies are very volatile and truth be told, anything can happen, there's a good chance Bitcoin is now going to start gaining in value again.

Potential to grow
Most of the time, while Bitcoin can lose 2x the value it has overnigh... continue reading
Crypto gambling sites: Bitcoin casinos, bitcoin sportsbooks, bitcoin poker sites
If you're into crypto and interested in bitcoin gambling, independent of the fact that cryptocurrency market is probably the most volatile one of all even without gambling, the best bitcoin gambling sites will give you everything you need. If you want to start online gambling with bitcoin, it's no different from gambli... continue reading
The Crypto Market Is Alive And Ready To Boom
While the crypto market is full of bears and the market is at its lowest since around April, there are lots of worried people in the market who are still holding on to it in hopes it will soon start climbing again. The public interest towards crypto is probably the lowest it's been since September. Which means that the... continue reading
The Professional approach to Betting Investment
Betting could be considered a way of gambling or you could treat sports betting as an actual investment, which in perfect world it should be. And by professional approach I don't mean doing it full time but really just in a professional manner.

What is a Betting Investment?
What does it mean exactly? While I'm not ... continue reading
How to Put on a Poker Face in Live Poker Games
Keeping a secret in poker is absolutely crucial, because confidentiality is the only advantage you have over your opponent, especially when you have an inferior hand. Bluffing is a highly effective yet classic strategy that involves making your opponent believe one thing, even though the truth may be the exact opposite... continue reading
Strange Poker Terminology Explained
If you're playing poker at home for fun, it might seems kind of easy at first, but in reality poker is quite difficult game strategically, and there is a lot of poker terminology associated with it as well. To be able to play it well, it's good to know the terms as well to be successful at poker.

One term you probab... continue reading
Finding a Good Online Poker Site
Playing poker over the internet can be extremely enjoyable, especially if you are a member of a prominent poker sites with many members and larger cash prizes. Unfortunately it can be very difficult to find the right poker sites, with hundreds of them popping up every single year. It is possible to try several poker si... continue reading
Aggressive Poker Playing Tips
For some, poker is just a game, a way to waste some time, entertainment, and to others it is a way to make a living. For those that are serious about making money with online poker, after finding yourself the best online poker site, aggressive playing is the only way to play. Learning how to make money with poker is no... continue reading
What does the minimum raise mean?
Lately I play more tournaments than cash games, I love the action, the rush that you get once you make the final table. Although if you're an okay player, playing cash games usually won't usually take you up to a year to make some money as when you play MTTs. You can go a year without making any real money in MTTs but ... continue reading
Playing good poker is about making as few mistakes as possible
If your wish is to play good poker and make money playing poker, you need to learn how to make as few mistakes as possible - and it doesn't matter what your are playing, cash game, sit'n'go, or multi table tournament. The poker player who makes the least mistakes has the best chance of making the most money than the on... continue reading
Is patience necessary to play winning poker?
Everyone seems to have their own opinion about that. If you talk to a number of other poker players, you might get several different answers to how much patience you need to play winning poker.

And obviously it also depends on the game you are playing - SNG, MTT, Bounty MTT, Cash games, or anything else.

And then... continue reading
What to do when you're running bad?
We've all been there, we do everything right in our poker play, yet still somehow independent of your perfect choices with your poker starting hands, you still end up losing over and over again.

Your overpair gets beat by the donkey’s underpair.

Your 9-1 favorite KK gets beat by K9 or AA gets beat by AK.

The... continue reading
Fox News analyst quits, tired of being part of a propaganda machine
Ralph Peters, analyst for Fox News, has decided not to renew his contract with the network because he's ashamed of what the Fox News is doing. According to him, the once valuable conservative voice has become a propaganda machine for Trump, and is assaulting the constitutional order as well as rule of law, while foster... continue reading

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