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2019-06-27 06:41:59
Free spins are offered by the casinos to attract new players to join their platform, or to re-activate already existing players. However, all free spins are not created equal. Their real value depends on the casino and the specific casino bonus offer. Let's start with the positive, great casino free spins offers that actually make sense to take advantage of.

No deposit free spins

These CAN be the best type of free spins of all, assuming there's no wagering requirement for the winnings or even if the wagering requirement is anywhere between 1x-10x, but not more. Casinos give new players no deposit free spins or free spins without ANY need to make your first deposit to get them to join their casino. The number of free spins offered in this case can usually range anywhere from 5 to 50 and they are mostly low value spins that are worth anywhere from 10 to 20 cents each. If the offer is good, you can withdraw your winnings right after finishing the spins. Note that no strings attached free spins are not offered by too many casinos, but fortunately there are at least a few who have such ongoing offers, or which have related campaigns every once in a while.

Free spins with deposit

Another type of great free spins offer for playing on a certain slot machine are free spins together with your first deposit. You simply need to join the casino, make your first deposit (often there is a minimum deposit you need to make to be eligible to receive the spins, be it 10, 20, or 50 euros), and the free spins will be available on your account right away. As with no deposit free spins, pay attention to the wagering requirement - if there is none, or if it's just a low one, go for it!

No wagering free spins

As I mentioned before, the casinos can often add a playthrough requirement to the free spins offered, but sometimes casinos also want to attract new players with a no strings attached bonus, either right after registering or right after your first deposit, as long as they are no wagering free spins, it's worth taking advantage of the offer. As everything you win with this casino bonus, you can keep, use for playing whatever other game you want, or withdraw right away.

Free spins as a loyalty bonus

In addition to casinos offering free spins as a welcome bonus, there are also a number of casinos which offer free spins also to already existing customers. They usually send you either an email or an SMS about it and the amount of spins they offer is usually between 5 and 25. To claim those free spins you don't really have to do anything but take advantage of the offer, no deposit is needed, and if the offer is the best kind of all, there's even no playthrough requirement.

High value free spins

Usually casinos offer new players free spins that are not too high in value, the most common value per one free spin is just 10 or 20 cents, and although it's still free and it's still spin, the odds of winning too much from the offer are not very high. Although, you can still win a substantial amount, especially considering you didn't have to spend a cent to win it. While this is not very common, some casinos offer sometimes also high value free spins which can be worth anywhere from 50c to 2 euros each. And that's already a pretty decent amount.

Free spins with no winning limit

Very often there's a maximum limit you can earn with the free spins. Sometimes it's up to 500 euros, sometimes up to 50 euros, and sometimes even less. But seldom you can also find offers where there is no limit as to how much you can win with the free spins. And it's also possible that a casino is giving you the free spins for usage on a jackpot slot, which means that you even have a chance to win a jackpot without actually spending any money for playing. And if that's the case, and you do happen to win a jackpot with the free spins slot machine, mostly you can just withdraw your winnings immediately and there's no wagering requirement.

Free spins for playing slots

Another type of free spins offer the casinos are making is giving you free spins for playing slots for your own money. These offers vary from offer to offer and from casino to casino, but I've seen at least two types of similar bonus offers. In order to get free spins from a casino, sometimes all you have to do is play a certain number of rounds on a certain slot machine and the next day you'll be given a certain amount of free spins. Another version is sort of a spins competition or tournament, where your goal is to win the most with just ONE spin or sometimes 20 consecutive spins. Whoever wins the most with the spin(s) wins the first place - and the prize for the first place can be anywhere from hundreds to thousands of free spins, or sometimes even free real money. With these offers there can sometimes be hundreds if not thousands of winners. The prize depends on your position in the leaderboard.

There are also negative versions of free spin offers, or simply versions which don't really give you anything but the joy of playing for a minute, that I brought out above.

Bad free spins offers

The worst thing about an initially great looking free spins offer that you can come across is the one with a really, really high playthrough requirement. Imagine for a moment that you get 50 free spins each worth 10 cents. Now, after finishing your spins, you managed to win 2.50 (I know, not a great amount, but still). The casino's wagering requirement for withdrawing your free spins winnings is 30x. This means that before you can even think about cashing out, you need to play for 30x2.50, or for 75 euros. Right now you have money for 25 min bet spins, but before you can take the money out, you need to do 750 more spins. As you can see, in case of this type of offer you'd need to earn enough to keep playing with the first 25 spins, and the same with the next 25 spins and so on. And often, before you know it, you're done. And the free spins, while giving you some adrenaline from playing, don't actually give you the chance to win real money.

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