What to do when you're running bad?

 article about What to do when youre running bad?
2018-05-14 01:28:02
We've all been there, we do everything right in our poker play, yet still somehow independent of your perfect choices with your poker starting hands, you still end up losing over and over again.

Your overpair gets beat by the donkey’s underpair.

Your 9-1 favorite KK gets beat by K9 or AA gets beat by AK.

The list goes on and on.

I don't like talking about bad beats. We all have them and we all give them.

I sometimes get mad sometimes when I take one but then also laugh when I give one. And pray to my poker gods just in case they exist (which, obviously, they don't, but we all have our fetishes).

I especially like it when I crack big hands like aces or kings when they limp or minimum raise and you stack them. Those beats are really fun.

But when you are running bad you need to step back, take some time off, talk to your poker buddies and see what it is you are doing. They can help you find out if you are making bad decisions or just getting unlucky. I've noticed that initially you're doing all the good decisions, but after a really bad run your losses start being your fault because of your bad decision.

If you have access to hand replayers, I would make good use of them. Watch how you play hands and see if you can make some changes that will lead to better decisions.

You can also try another game to try a change of pace. If you're mainly using Hold'em, you might want to switch to Omaha for a bit and so on.

Or just take a week or two off. Sometimes even a simple and short self-exclusion just for a bit is a good idea, just to take some time to cool off and come back another day in a better state of mind.

There are many things you can do to get through a bad run.

You could also read other player's bad beat stories or bad run stories and they may be so large that yours pale in comparison.

It's all part of the game and we need to be able to live with it.

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