Strange Poker Terminology Explained

 article about Strange Poker Terminology Explained
2018-05-14 02:10:21
If you're playing poker at home for fun, it might seems kind of easy at first, but in reality poker is quite difficult game strategically, and there is a lot of poker terminology associated with it as well. To be able to play it well, it's good to know the terms as well to be successful at poker.

One term you probably knnew before is a hand, a term used to describe the combination of cards in your hand at any given time. Poker is all about card combinations, and as you get more experienced in online poker tournaments you will begin to see just how many combinations there are (2,598,960 total). While you may not feel motivated to learn about all of these combinations and going through them one by one is not important anyhow, it is important to know the main terms and rules, as they could mean the difference between a win or a loss.

A hand that has two aces in it might be called Snake Eyes, Two Pips, Pocket Rockets, or American Airlines. The common theme between these terms is that they simply describe a hand with two Aces in it. A hand with an Ace and a King in it may be called Big Slick, Kalashnikov, Santa Barbara, or even Korean Airlines.

A hand with an Ace and a Queen in it may be called Big Chick, Missus Slick, or Big Slut out of the many possible nicknames used. Numerical combinations are also given nicknames. If you want to know more about poker nicknames then make sure you don't hesitate to ask more experienced players what they are talking about the next time you hear them mention an abstract combination of words.

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Strange Poker Terminology Explained

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Strange Poker Terminology Explained

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Strange Poker Terminology Explained

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