Learn to trade with Japanese Candlesticks - Continuation Patterns

 article about Learn to trade with Japanese Candlesticks - Continuation Patterns
2018-08-31 04:53:56
Previously we looked at Japanese Candlesticks reversal patterns as well as introduction to Japanese Candlesticks in general. Now let's take a look at some continuation patterns, as even those can be used to make money.

Upside & Downside Tasuki Gap
You can see that if you spot a gap between two candlesticks with the same color (in the direction of the trend). The third candlestick then opens WITHIN the second body and closes WITHIN the gap.

Side by side white lines
Bullish continuation pattern consists of 3 white candlesticks, see the image below. Bearish is the same shape BUT the first candlestick is filled while the second and third candlesticks are still empty. The gap is in the direction of the trend.

Rising Three Methods and Falling Three Methods
Pattern consisting of 5 candlesticks. The color of the THIRD body does not matter. The first candlestick represents the existing trend.

Separating lines
Two candlesticks with opposite colors, the first candlestick being the opposite to the current trend.

Mat Hold
Bullish Continuation pattern. It is similar to the Rising Three Methods - 3 middle small bodies going in the opposite direction of the trend. However, here the second body doesn't have to be within the first body and the third body only touches the first body just a bit.

Upside Gap Three Methods and Downside Gap Three Methods
Consisting of 3 candlesticks, first two with the colour and direction of the current trend but with a gap between, and the third one opens within the second candlestick's body and closes within the first candlestick's body filling the gap

On Neck
Bearish continuation pattern.

In Neck
Pretty much the same as On Neck, see if you can spot the small difference.

Bearsish continuation pattern.

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Learn to trade with Japanese Candlesticks - Continuation Patterns

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Learn to trade with Japanese Candlesticks - Continuation Patterns

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