The Professional approach to Betting Investment

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2018-05-14 04:36:43
Betting could be considered a way of gambling or you could treat sports betting as an actual investment, which in perfect world it should be. And by professional approach I don't mean doing it full time but really just in a professional manner.

What is a Betting Investment?

What does it mean exactly? While I'm not sure the term actually exists, just bear with me. We could call betting investment an investment in sports betting where you have a specific strategy where you seek attractive ROI (Return on Capital) potential where you are able to diversify your risk and protect your betting bankroll. Additionally you should also be able to track your results by the letter. These rules are very reasonable I would say.

Finding the best investment options

To start up you need to find your own niche, be it horses, football, NHL, tennis, or anything else. Once you've decided that you need to start working on your analysis. That's an important step if you want to be able to win in the long term and while it might take some time to get your stuff right, it's an important step you shouldn't miss.

Obviously, you do need some starting capital for it, so if you haven't got any money you can afford to lose for making your first steps, don't even start. Sports betting and making consistent money on sports betting can be a very lucrative idea, but you do need to know what you are doing. There ae many betting tipsters or sports tipsters around, the people who offer their advice on who to bet on and on which betting sites, but by the end of the day making your own decisions is the best idea. Or if you decide to follow some betting tipster, you still need to take your time to follow a number of them and eventually make up your mind whom you should actually trust.

Most of the betting tips you can find online are actually scam, especially those that promise to double your bankroll in a month.

So Why Not Just Bet Your Own Picks?

You definitely should do that as well, and it can be lots of fun, but there are also disadvantages to it. It takes too much time to obtain enough knowledge about all the sports you might be interested in, and even if you just choose one sport, it might still be too time consuming to keep yourself informed of every league, event, race, tournament...

That's why using the know-how of good betting tipsters can be a good idea. There are also sites out there, usually they charge a monthly or yearly fee to see their sports betting recommendations, that actually track a number of different sports betting tipsters and rate them. All of this obviously makes your job easier. One of such sites is Secret Betting Club, you can either give do a test-drive with their one month service or pay for a full year upfront which is around 50% cheaper. They also offer you free pro gambler emails.

Or if you do choose your own picks...

If you decide to choose your own picks, there are some things you should be looking out for. First of all, choose your sport. Secondly find a dozen of sites or more where you can bet on that sport. And then start comparing those odds - if the odds are very similar on most sites and then on one site the odds are way different, you might have found something you can use. If the odds on one site for something are way higher than on other sites, you might have some extra value there, and it's worth consider making the bet there.

The importance of proper bankroll

So how big percentage of your money, your total bankroll, should you use on any one bet? It varies a lot, but as a general rule, gambling experts usually say that you should never wager more than 2% of your total bankroll on any one play. So if your total bankroll is just $100, your max bet should be $2.

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The Professional approach to Betting Investment

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The Professional approach to Betting Investment

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