Bet on Value - The Guide to Value Betting

 article about Bet on Value - The Guide to Value Betting
2018-05-14 05:13:11
If you've just picked up sports betting recently, you might have heard the term betting on value or value betting for a number of times already but do you actually know what it is?

What is value betting?

Value betting is extremely important skill for anyone doing betting professionally. While the bookmakers set odds based on their assumptions of the outcome and the bettor tries to make the best bets possible based on the information he or she has, nobody really know the true probability of the outcome of an event for sure.

So a value bet in its essence is when a bettor has correctly identified the probability of some event occurring and it's higher than that implied by the bookmaker's odds. So a value bet is when the probability of outcome is higher than probability implied by odds. Value bet is a bet that has value in it. So when we talk about value bets we are in essence talking about beating the bookie.

If you has a bettor don't know the most likely outcome of the event, you could then check dozens of different bookies for the odds of the same event. Even 10 of them give you very similar odds and one of them gives you something totally different, there's a chance there might be some value in it for you with that bookie. Obviously, betting with that bookie on that event doesn't mean that you will win, but doing the same thing over and over in the long run there's a good chance you'll be beating the bookie.

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Bet on Value - The Guide to Value Betting

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Bet on Value - The Guide to Value Betting

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Bet on Value - The Guide to Value Betting

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Bet on Value - The Guide to Value Betting

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Bet on Value - The Guide to Value Betting

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