Where to Find Best Sports Betting Tipsters

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2018-05-14 04:44:12
While you can always choose to decide on which bets to make yourself, but as you can't be an expert yourself in every market, help from sports betting tipsters should always be appreciated. However, how to find the best betting tipsters?

As a main thing, when going through different sports betting tipsters, you need to be looking for proofed or verified results. Where to find the verification you're looking for? Ideally from more than one external sites. The fact that a tipster claims something doesn't mean a thing if you can't find verification about his tips from somewhere else. Otherwise you're the one who'll be paying for his or her made up tips. One site that can help you with that is actually Secret Betting Club.

When I said that you should be looking for verification from more than one external site, it's because the proofing site could be a scam as well. So you need to do your own due diligence to get to the point of at least some sort of close-to-sure verification. And obviously, keep track of your sports betting activities and if at some point you notice that something is not right with the results by following this tipster, you might want to reconsider following the punter.

During the verification process you should also check how long the sports tipster has been in business. If one tipster has a ROI of 30% and has been in business for 3 months and another tipster has been in business for 10 years with a ROI of 10%, obviously the latter is most likely way more trustworthy. It doesn't always have to be about time though, you can also make up your mind about the amount of bets he or she has made. But at the same time, still, a tipster who has been doing it just a few months shouldn't be taken too seriously usually.

You're also looking for tipsters who are producing consistent results not just one or two good weeks in a row and then a month of nothing. Losing streaks happen, but it depends on how long they are.

Another thing to check is whether the odds the sports tipster is presenting are actually achievable for you. In some cases the markets the tipster might be investing in might give you only a few minutes to react after the odds are posted, before the odds have changes so much that they are not worthwhile for you anymore.

Good sports tipsters also usually charge a fee for their services, so it also depends on your bankroll. If your total bankroll is just 100 and the tipster charges 150 for his service, you can see the problem here. So if your bankroll is small you should be looking for cheap or free tipsters.

If you're doing some betting, you might also want to see if you can get cashback from your betting.

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Where to Find Best Sports Betting Tipsters

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Where to Find Best Sports Betting Tipsters

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