Is it worth mining Bitcoin on your laptop?

 article about is it worth mining bitcoin with your laptop
2018-08-21 03:38:26
Mining Bitcoin earned people a lot of money some years ago. These days not so much, at least for now. For mining activities special hardware has been created that is more powerful and is able to mine more. ASIC microschips are probably at least 100x better at mining bitcoin than any of the other GPUs. Additionally you also need cheap electricity.

In general, it's not a good idea to try mining Bitcoin with your regular laptop without an ASIC chip because your laptop is definitely underpowered. There are many people who have tried it, only to end up destroying their hard drives, laptop cooling fans, screens, or anything else. Some people have compared mining Bitcoin with your laptop to knocking down a building with a hammer. And allegedly mining just one bitcoin with just a regular PC might take millions of years. For successful mining that would actually make sense you might want a 1 TH/s or faster ASIC machine.

For mining with your regular computer/laptop as a hobby, the best idea might be to mine altcoins (Bitcoin alternatives), so that you could use your laptop's GPU to mine whichever coin might be the most profitable at the time.

However, even when mining Altcoins with your laptop, your laptop doesn't have much power, so if you do manage to mine with your laptop, your earnings will be VERY low (think of cents per day), and there's still a high probability of damaging your laptop. But from the positive side, your laptop doesn't consume much electricity and as such it's cheap. Well, before you need to replace your laptop.

Theoretically you could also use user friendly mining pools, something like Hashrate, but even there, according to the guys at Digitaltrends they managed to earn as much as...wait for it...nine cents a day with one laptop. Or 40 cents a day with five laptops. Their initial idea was to earn one million dollars mining with their laptops, but ended up with a small calculation that said it would take them 6,800 years to achieve that with five laptops.

So, all in one, don't mine with your laptop, it's bad for ya! Mining cryptocurrencies with your laptop won't earn you anything.

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