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2018-08-26 01:34:56
Angular at first glance, even if you know a web development language like PHP before, looks extremely confusion. I'm talking about my own experience. I went through a short course and, I couldn't say if it's the course, or if it was just me, but it looked confusing as hell. And when you're taking the very first steps, it can look as if everything needs to be done in as complicated manner as possible. Imagine you're told to paint the garden, but the first steps are to invent a sawmill, configure it, find where you can get the lumber from, and only a few days later you'll be given a hammer. That's what Angular might look at first glance. However, after you've seen a few things, done a few things with it based on examples, don't get me wrong it will still be confusing as hell, many things start to make sense at some point and start seeing the point of (well, most of) it all.

Getting started in Angular

First thing you need to do is get Angular to work on your computer, install it, and open your project. For that you will need
1. Nodejs and Angular. Go to https://nodejs.com, download it. Once you have downloaded it, open the terminal, on Windows you can find it via right-click on the Windows logo in the left of the screen, choose Run, type cmd. In there type

npm install -g @angular/cli // this will now install angular
ng new yourappname // this creates your new app files
cd yourappname // this takes you to your app directory
npm start // this starts the development server

Now you can access your app from your browser at http://localhost:4200

2. A text editor. For everything else I mainly use EditPlus, but for Angular it looks like Visual Studio Code might be better.
3. A browser. Obviously, all of us have a browser, but when checking the results of your work, keep in mind to keep the web console open (in Firefox you can find it from Tools->Web Developer->Web console). If you're at home at these things already, this explanation might sound stupid as for you it could be self-explanatory, but for dummies, the ones this guide is for, it might be needed.

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