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UPDATE: My first BTC bot withdrawal of around 0.005 BTC was successful. Latest withdrawal 24.07.2018.

Do you want to earn 4% * a day with an easy-to-use crypto bot? This bot has been running for more than six months.

There are a lot of different cryptocurrency trading bots out there, one promising better returns than the other, but whether any of them are legit and offer real returns instead of scamming you out of your money, it's often way too difficult to figure out without testing it yourself.

According to a good friend of mine, roughly 99% of the bots are scam. But are there any, at least potentially, legit crypto trading bots out there as well?

I think there's a chance there is. A month ago a friend of mine introduced me to BTC trading bot on Telegram. It's an automated bitcoin trading bot. If you don't know what telegram is, you'll need to install it. But it's probably the securest messaging app out there.

Step by step guide to get started
1. If you don't already have a crypto wallet anywhere, you can register with Luno. You can use your bank account or credit card to deposit.
2. If you don't yet have Telegram, you can download it here.
3. Join BTC trading bot.
4. Join LTC trading bot.
5. Join ETH trading bot.
6. Join BCH trading bot
7. Once joined, be sure to check out their Facebook page that you can find under Support -> Social Community

Obviously you don't need to join all those three, but just to give you some options. Now, to understand how the bots work (although it's not rocket science), continue reading below...

What does this cryptocurrency trading bot offer?

At first glance they offer great numbers, and to be honest, way too good numbers (wait though, there's a catch). They offer 4% daily for investments less than 0.01 BTC, 4.5% daily for investments up to 0.1 BTC and 5% daily for investments of more than 0.1 BTC.

Now, there are two things to keep in mind. Firstly. If you invest today 0.005 and tomorrow 0.005, then even though those to investments total 0.01 BTC, your return rate is still 4% for both of them not 4.5%. The higher rate only applies for individual investments. Meaning you need to invest 0.1 in one investment in order to get to the 4.5% daily for that investment.

* Secondly, and that's the post important thing, you WON'T earn 4% per day PLUS your initial investment back. The 4% already includes the capital you initially invested. Each investment lasts for 30 days and by the end of the 30 days you will have earned 120% (30x4) from your investment and at the end you will NOT get back your initial investment. So during one month you can earn actually 20% profit, so around 0.7% per day. And they are upfront about it. Although they do say you earn 4% daily, they also say that all rates include the initial investment capital.

Now, although in theory you can earn 20% a month, and if you want to be on the safe side, and take your initial investment out by the end of day 30, that's what you will earn. However, if you want to risk and wait for bigger returns, you can earn a lot more during the first 30 days - IF you decide to reinvest your daily earnings all the time.

UPDATE: For the time being the percentages have been lowered slightly. Currently they are offering 4% daily for investments less than 0.1 BTC, 4.25% daily for investments over 0.1, 4.5% daily for investments between 0.5 - 1 BTC and 4.75% daily for investments of 1 BTC and over. Once the market starts going up again, also the exact percentages will change again.

Is this crypto trading bot legit?

Based on what I've heard from one friend, based on their statistics (which claims they have paid out around 30 plus BTC so far), based on their Facebook group where there are lots of people claiming they have made successful withdrawals, based on the fact that they also show the info about the latest 20 withdrawals with all the technical data about them, I think they are legit, for now.

A few weeks ago they also came out with LTC trading bot which offers similar returns, and just a few days ago also ETH trading bot. Update - just now they have also launched Bitcoin Cash crypto bot (August 2018).

Before you go on an try it out yourself, keep in mind two things. Firstly, while I do believe these bots are actually legit, and I have also made a successful withdrawal (see in the end of the article), it's still a good idea to be cautious about it. That's also why I myself only made the initial deposit of just around 0.01 BTC. Secondly, even if the bot is working now (although the BTC crypto trading bot has been around since February 2018), there are no guarantees about how long it will work. Although the creator of it has said he plans to run if for five years.

Now, if you think it's time to try it out, here's the link for BTC trading bot and here's the one for LTC trading bot again. You can also join Eifu.org telegram channel where you can ask me for more info if you're interested.

My successful withdrawals from BTC crypto bot to-date

18/06/2018 - Withdrawal of around 0.005 BTC

28/06/2018 - Withdrawal of around 0.005 BTC

05/07/2018 - Withdrawal of around 0.006 BTC

24/07/2018 - Withdrawal of around 0.005 BTC

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