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Why is Consensus 2018 important?

 article about consensus 2018 why is it important
Consensus 2018 is the 4th annual blockchain technology summit which is happening now in New York Hilton Midtown (started yesterday May 14, ending tomorrow May 16). It features 250 plus speakers and has 4000 plus attendees from financial institutions (AMRO, ABN, Scotiabank, and Citi), investors (CME Ventures), tech leaders (Microsoft, IBM), industry startups as well as academic and policy groups.

Why is the event crucial to cryptocurrency prices?

The three-day event is there to discuss anything and everything about cryptocurrency and blockchain and last year the event happened to trigger a bullish trend in the crypto market. The event actually resulted in the gain of 26 percent in the total market cap and Bitcoin price surged $2000. So there's a chance this year's event will do that, or the opposite, as well.

During the even startups have the chance to meet with huge players in different industries, and together they can turn the cryptocurrency market bullish again.

What will actually happen once the event is over, or will anything happen at all, we'll see.

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