Top cryptocurrencies I decided to watch

 article about Top cryptocurrencies I decided to watch
In the beginning of January 2018 I made some research online to see which cryptocurrencies I could/should be buying, which cryptocurrency might have the most potential to make some good money by the end of the year. My list looked like this - Monero, Neo, Cardano, Ripple, Iota, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Aragon, Blocktix, Litecoin, Raiden, Synereo, Electroneum, Zcash, Dash, Request, OmiseGO, RaiBlocks.

Now, a bit more than 5 months later, let's see what has happened to all of them.

In the beginning of the year it was at $402, now it trades at $217.92. Glad I didn't actually buy it.

It started from $98.81, now it's at $68.57. So far, I choices wouldn't have been too good.

From $1.17 to $0.277.

From $3.16 to $0.749.

From $4.06 to $1.98.

Bitcoin cash
From $2400 to $1,431.

From $975 to $735.

From $6.09 to $4.29.

From $1.94 to $0.55.

From $241 to $147.

Raiden Network Token
From $6.49 to $1.74.

From $0.99 to $0.25.

From $0.086 to $0.024.

From $590 to $363.

From $1221 to $443.

Request Network
From $0.77 to $0.21.

From $19.81 to $14.38.

From $32.73 to $6.52.

As you can see, the first half of this year has been very bearish in crypto market. Right now Consensus 2018 is happening, the blockchain technology summit, we'll see if that changes the market or not.

While I'm quite happy I didn't actually buy any of these as all of them have lost anywhere from 1/4 to 8 times of their value, right now might be the best time to actually get in the game.

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Top cryptocurrencies I decided to watch

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